London Rocks

We have been traveling back and forth to London over the past few weeks talking to new clients Regent’s College and a few others and we found time to go on our annual pilgrimage to the design museum.  The best designs of 2009 were on show, this seemed a little premature and the exhibits were few, the content was certainly not as rich as the 08 exhibition. Perhaps this is a recession thing?  Of those that were present we enjoyed two lifesaving medical concepts, the greyhound recycling respiratory system and the renal lamb(below left)

sheep trafalgar-sq-415x511

On the first floor ‘Super Contemporary’ an exhibition about London design was more intriguing.  At first, in true Scots fashion, we were a little annoyed by this self congratulatory ‘London rocks’ kind of attitude but we persevered and  found the contents engaging, educational and entertaining.  Although we were actually most impressed with the exhibition design itself we were also impressed by works such as Urban Salon’s vision for Trafalgar Square.(above right)

    • Antonio
    • July 23rd, 2009

    I saw this last week and have to be honest and say i didnt like the Trafalgar Square concept at all. the exhibition i thought was really interesting. especially the time line. It was good to see how the country reacted to previous recessions… thogh i did feel ashamed that not much has happened in britain (culturally) since ‘Punk’. Time for a change?

    on another note what really interested me was Paul Cocksedge work ‘Rain It In’. very clever indeed.

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