Style, flowers, bins and fags

Edit/Update July 10th 2009

Hoora for Glasgow City Council and our sincere apologies for whinging below from the other week.  Yesterday morning these lovely planters appeared beside our air monitoring unit and our recycling bins.  The street is once again pretty and hundreds of South Siders have a cheerful view on the way into work every morning.  No cigarette bins yet, but, one day at a time!

planter planter-1

Original Post: 27th June 2009

One of our team took these pictures yesterday in our street.  For some unknown reason we have no cigarette bins (cooncil ones) in our street and necessity being the mother of invention the local office workers, being good people, have been forced to improvise.  Also last week these charming recycling bins appeared on our corner, last year we had a beautiful planter.  Actually  last year Glasgow was positively bristling with flowers and planters and cigarette bins and discreet recycling points.  Smokers who even accidentally dropped litter were descended upon by little men with hats and fined on the spot.  Perhaps this had something to do with the 2014 commonwealth games decision?  Here at Nomad we are 100% recycling friendly, however we are also 100% pro pretty and these giant bin carbuncles seem to be trying too hard to make a point.   The recycling bins that we all use in our tenement middens are rarely if ever emptied and one wonders if these too will be filled to the brim and become like hideous urban sculptures.  Also you have to love the green and blue, heaven forbid we offend either Rangers or Celtic fans.  It just goes to prove that just because you say something often enough (Glasgow, Scotland with Style) It does not necessarily make it true.

cig-bin rec-bin cig-bin-1

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