South Side

scot-ballet Pakistani

There has been a sense of something happening in the South Side for a couple of years now.  Most Glasgow practices are based in the city centre or the Merchant City.  We set up our studio here for many reasons but the sense of something new happening was one of the most persuasive.   Until recently our little part of the South Side has been more shabby than chic.  Lately , however, things have been getting pretty interesting.  The South Side has been home to the Hidden Gardens and The Tramway for some time. These gems were hidden amid a wealth of dodgy shops and even dodgier new apartment blocks. Recently though  we have started to see brave new businesses moving in,  beginning with a number of deli’s and coffee shops and more recently the wonderfully idiosyncratic Pakistani cafe and a cunningly located Willie Wonka style sweet shop (right at the corner of Queens Park).   So we now have plenty of choice in what to eat and the hidden gardens and tramway supply us with somewhere to go and a bit of culture. Sadly though the architectural contributions to the area have been somewhat disappointing.

That is until the Scottish Ballet Building by Malcolm Fraser Architects began construction. We have watched the building taking shape with some degree of fascination this year, even deliberately avoideding any press or P.R.  on the building to keep it a surprise. In Glasgow it is easy to become bored with the same old terracotta or nasty yellow rain cladding, colored ‘Reglit’ glazing or, worse yet, white render which gets stained at the first rainfall.  So when a mixture of yellow/gold and silver profiled aluminum panels began to appear we were both relieved and excited.  These panels along with the weighty black pigmented concrete base make the building oddly industrial yet strangely elegant all at once – we love it. In true Glasgow tradition it helps the adjacent church to turn the corner well and there is an odd little window projecting over the main road and we are excited to see what will happen here. We can’t wait until the building officially opens and we can have a nosy at the interior, which, if the form of the building is anything to go by, should prove as exciting as the exterior.

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