The Design Guide 09

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After 18 months of research, design and consultation we have finally completed our design guide for University of Bristol. The guide is the culmination of our knowledge to date and comprises three sections. The first section is dedicated to a research project that we ran at the University in the initial nine months of our working relationship. This project explored the student and staff working methods, existing perceptions of identity and place and the general culture of the campus.  The findings are brought together with appropriate design responses within part one.  The second section explores the project in a global context and proposes a new model for learning/teaching spaces based on current and future trends.  This information is then translated into strategic design elements specific to UoB Library spaces. The third and final section is more of a traditional design guide with specifications and detail drawings for all the major elements required for each library space alongside price guides and key contacts.  This third section also explains the construction of the complex graphic artwork produced for the service.  This artwork is based upon academic diagrams from each department and is used to generate a sense of place and identity for each library while uniting all through execution and style.  If you would like to know more or even have a peek at the guide, drop us a line at

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