Is this wrong?

We have been huge fans of Twitter for over a year now.  During this time it has occurred to us how strange it is that people become so very possessive about it.   Stephen Fry is among one of the most prolific Twitterers or Tweeters or Twits and one could be forgiven for believing that he invented the network – this is clearly more than ok though as he is both lovely and amusing.  It would seem though that the advertising and design industry is now staging some type of coup for the possession of Twitter with The Drum announcing The Golden Twits Awards. We realise it’s just a bit of fun and don’t want to be boo leaders but at the same time we are a tiny wee bit disturbed.  To begin with, how on earth are they going to do this?  Are the going to look at the squillions of tweets worldwide or merely those in the UK design and advertising industry?  Granted, it is open to anyone but how would the world outside of A&D really know?  According to a recent article in The Drum the  typical Twitter user is a male in his late twenties/early thirties, who is quite tech savvy and active in IT, media/advertising or the consulting business. So perhaps there is some justification to this.  However as one Drum reader pointed out another recent survey, identified the average user as a girl in her late teens who is following between 20 and 50 people and who has roughly the same number of people following her. So bit of confusion there then.  For us, this weird hijacking of Twitter is quite amusing and demonstrates the level of affection that people feel towards the network and therefore not particularly annoying.  What we do think might be wrong is this horrid competitive angle. Twitter is a lovely organic fun way to interact with the rest of the world and like minded people-why on earth make it competitive? Surely this mocks the delightful simplicity of Twitter?

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