The Class

We are huge fans of Prof Michael Wesch at Kansas State University.  His Digital Ethnography site is always hugely entertaining and informative.  This month he is featuring a spoof of The Office called The Class made by Mass Communications students at University of Denver.  Using a project like this to kick off a class is a really great way to get students to know / feel comfortable with each other.  A couple of years ago we did a similar exercise in our old workplace for a staff away day.  Briefs were written by our current learning and teaching consultant and issued to teams.  These briefs contained key words, actions etc and each groups was challenged to make a short film from this.  Similarly this turned out to be a fantastic team building exercise and the results were hilarious.  It’s great to see this sort of creative exercise making it’s way into education and although the DU students were focused on communication we reckon that this would be a useful exercise for any class who need to work closely together.

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