Over the last couple of weeks we have been installing various artworks in Aboyne and Fraserburgh Hospitals for the Archie Foundation.  The Archie Foundation is a children’s charity based in NHS Grampian which aims to generate better experiences of hospital spaces for children through the use of artwork. We were commissioned to work with the children from both Fraserburgh and Aboyne regions to create art pieces for their local hospitals.

The artwork generated for Aboyne Hospital was inspired by workshops held with the 3rd Banchory Rainbows, 1st Banchory Beaver Scouts and the 1st Banchory Brownies. During the workshops the children drew pictures with us of their routes to the hospital from home. They showed the places and creatures that they met on route. We used this information to create a magical landscape filled with places and beasties directly inspired by their drawings.

The Artwork in Fraserburgh hospital was inspired by workshops held with Fraserburgh Junior Arts Society. During these workshops the children used medical equipment such as stethoscopes to ‘diagnose the spaces’.  Cold, boring, dark and hard were just some of the problems identified. We used this as a basis for the artwork, making the spaces more colourful and warm, adding texture using graphic work and an interactive 3D wall. The nursing team were keen to engage the young people of the area with science and therefore inspired the subject matter that highlights scientific diagrams and identifies Marconi as a major figure in the cultural landscape of Fraserburgh.

Over the next few weeks we hope to photograph the work in situ, in the meantime we have uploaded some of the artworks as a sneak preview.

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