Project of the month

It’s been a while since we had a project of the month but we simply had to feature Google’s new engineering offices in London.  We were lucky enough to visit the offices earlier this month with a group of workshop participants from Kings College London.  There is a lot of buzz about the new wave of offices opened by media giants like Google and Facebook and in some instances the experience of these places can feel a little surface deep.  For example we also visited Google’s older offices on the other side of the road and although the mix of spaces and culture was amazing the design itself was a little superficial.  However, Google engineering is an amazing series of spaces.  When asked the engineers told Google they wanted it to be like going aboard the Death Star and the design is visibly influenced by this.  The offices provide a mixture of collaborative working spaces, a gaming room, a park, coffee lab, lounges, micro-kitchens and an auditorium.  Our favorite spaces were the ‘flight pods’, lounge spaces just off the main working space where engineers can relax or hold informal meetings.  Although the pods are only separated from the main office by a mere curtain in places they have their own micro-climate and are filled with fabulous furniture.  We were so  impressed with the mix of space and culture represented  by the offices that we are now actively looking at ways of Googlising our own studio!   The offices were featured in Dezeen in December last year, click here for more info,

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