Heart of Campus Update

The creative consultation stage is well underway at Glasgow Caledonian Heart of Campus Project where we were appointed as researchers and designers to a design team led by Page/Park following a competition early this year.  The project involves a re-examination of the campus, looking to further build on the strengths of the award-winning Saltire Centre, better connecting it to the rest of the university and replicating some of its best loved features in other parts of the campus.  The objective is to ensure the campus reflects the ambition and modernity of the University.

We used a similar methodology for creative consultation to that employed in the KCL project with some slight alternations.  In this instance a number of formal interviews and workshops with the Executive team and key members of staff took place over the summer months.  A project blog was launched in September and informal interviews were conducted with over 100 students in the same month.   Students and staff are currently providing more detailed feedback via a program of poll events while an additional series of creative workshops have been scheduled to take place with those teams most affected by the changes.

We have now successfully used this blend of online consultation and fieldwork several times to help define and refine the basic brief and the results so far are very exciting as we have been able to access the creativity and innovative thinking of both staff and students while also focusing on detailed design aspects of the project.   In this instance we have been particularly pleased that the design team have fully embraced the thoughts and ideas of staff and students and have been able to make key decisions based on our findings.

The Creative Consultation process at GCU is due to complete in January 2013 when the design team will move on to the detailed design.  Until then we will continue pushing ourselves to get as much feed back from the staff and students as possible.  If you are a student, past or present, of GCU you can log into the blog here, http://tinyurl.com/8cfkb47

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