Nomad Shed

Anyone who has ever visited our studio will tell you that we run a fairly informal/relaxed ship.  The studio is a row of three old shop units which have been knocked through to create one large open plan space and most of the time this works really well as the layout encourages us to look over each others work and share ideas.  There are plenty of corners for more discreet meetings and we even have room we use for phone/Skype conferences.  However over the past couple of years we have received increasing requests to contribute to academic papers, books, to write briefs and of course write up research projects.  This means that one particular member of the team spends a great deal of time writing and at the moment our lovely informal/relaxed ship is just not the right environment.  We have tried a number of things from working at home (which is a bit lonely) to earplugs but have reached the conclusion that we need to build some sort of shelter where people can go to get some quiet time.  We looked at loads of ready made structures from inflatable rooms to garden sheds but in the end we have designed a little shed of our own and a generous local shop fitter has agreed to build this for us.  We are hoping the Nomad shed will go into production soon and will post images.  In the meantime if you have any ideas about making quiet spaces in busy studios or know of any ready made structures we might be interested in we would love to hear from you.


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