Pin it, tweet it, like it, +1 it

We’ve been re-examining the social media landscape for 2013 in the studio. We have always found a useful role for social media, adopting twitter in the early days when tweets were still only a sound found in the early morning. Our research in internet traffic, user statistics and industry analysis shows that most of the major social media platforms are only on the rise. Some curious facts include:
– Nearly one third of Facebook posts are now done via a mobile device.
– One third of internet users now use twitter.
– Linked In now has 161 million members with 2 new ones every second.
– The Google+ ‘+1’ button gets 5 billion hits a day (on average).
– Websites with a +1 button get x 3.5 more visits than those without.
– In a survey, 80% of brands prefer Facebook over any other media to reach their audience.
– 26% of retweets are incited by request in the tweet.
– The largest stated occupation of Google+ users is ‘student’.
– The average stay of a Tumblr user is 16 minutes
– 5 million images are upload to Instagram every day.
– 57% of pins on Pinterest are food related.
– Only 19% of Twitter users have 51+ followers.
– 80% of Pinterest users are female, as are 57 % on Facebook, 60% on Tumblr and 53% on Twitter. Google+ have 68% male users with Linked In at 57% male.
Despite whatever personal pros and cons people have about social media, it is important to note that it is many different things to different people. Last year we conducted several research projects utilising social media in the forms of blogs and Twitter accounts, drawing on invaluable insight from various users. This year looks set for a rise in more visual means of communication, and hopefully more dialogue in general, in place of one-way communication.
As the various social media platforms develop, we aim to make use of the appropriate parts we like, without exposing you to funny cat videos or fail compilations. Although statistically speaking, you may want that.
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