Probing Liverpool

Cultural Probes

Our project at University of Liverpool has a relatively tight timescale.  As a consequence we have not had the time to delve into our usual bag of field research methods. Nor have we had enough time to set up and run a social media platform for the project.  We still wanted to work with the staff and students of the University to generate designs for the Guild spaces but needed to find a reliable and speedy way to access the thoughts and ideas of Liverpool’s people.  Oddly enough we opted for a cultural probe!  We say oddly because cultural probes usually have a notoriously low return rate.  However in this case we have been lucky enough to have a captive audience and issued the probes to the staff and officers of the Universities Guild of Students.   We always find the contents of finished probes fascinating and this batch is no exception.  If fact we are tempted to offer a small prize for the best returned probe as the quality has been so high!  The success of this batch has inspired us to consider using cultural probes more often in our work.  We would love to hear about cultural probes that others have issued and the problems encountered along the way. If you have any interesing stories about cultural probes drop us a line or leave a comment – we would love to hear from you.

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