Nomad’s Tea Party For Marie Curie


We are having a Tea Party for Marie Curie and you are invited. Marie Curie Cancer Care has always been an extraordinary charity which has touched the lives of some of our team and their loved ones. As a result we wanted to do something to help them to raise money and could not resist when we spotted their ‘Blooming Great Tea Party’ concept.

At Nomad we have a bit of a tradition of holding events in and around midsummer and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. The Tea Party will take place in our studio on Friday the 28th of June between 10:00am and 16:00pm and we would like to invite everyone and anyone to drop in whenever they can on this day. We will be selling cups of tea and baked goods made by our team and anyone else we can persuade to help! We are also hoping to have a number of surprise events/competitions on the day, including bespoke Nomad designs and raffle that is already shaping up with some pretty impressive prizes. We want to raise a modest minimum £250 for the charity so will be pulling out all the stops.

If you are in the area, please pop in and see how our cakes turn out. And if you can’t make it but wish to participate, we have our own JustGiving page where you can make a donation to this worthy cause, at Keep up to date with all the news for the Tea Party at our event blog

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