Merry Christmas from Nomad Team


Last year we attempted to make a ‘people centred’ Christmas Card. To do this we challenged colleagues, clients and friends to make drawings for us on the topic of ‘what is a Christmas Card’. We then compiled the resulting artwork to make our ‘people centred’ Christmas stationary. This year we have been super busy working on number of people centred projects where we are working with large groups of end users. In addition we have also been doing a bit of writing about our methods, one of which is the use of models to communicate complex ideas about space to large user groups. So this year we decided that we would make a model out of last year’s top five Chrstmassy things to make our card, along with our very own stop frame ‘making of’ film. The top five Christmassy things chosen by our clients and colleagues were, 1. Snow, 2. Santa, 3. A Christmas tree, 4. presents and 5. nativity star. If you are lucky you will have received both but if not click here to see the emailed copy of our festive card. So without any further ado, Merry Christmas to all, love the Nomad Team.

P.S. The studio will be open with a limited number of staff this season (with the exception of the usual days) so if you need to get hold of us you know where we are.

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