DJCAD Round Table

DJCAD Interior Environmental Design

DJCAD Interior Environmental Design

Over the last couple of years we have received a lot of job applications from graduates of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design and although we have not yet taken on a full time employee from the course we have found their portfolios, in particular their knowledge of user centred design approaches, quite inspiring. So when we were asked last month to take part in a round table event organised by the Interior Environmental Design Department we were both delighted and excited.    The event was organised for the benefit of fourth year students and we were invited alongside Jim Hamilton from Graven Images, Chris Twaddle from Kennedy Twaddle in London and Prof Mike Press from DJCAD. It was a really interesting day, student were grouped into four sections depending on the subject of their final project, ie, new build, refurbishment, commonwealth etc and our role was to move round the tables offering advice and support to the students as they presented their work to us.  This gave the students the benefit of professional advice  while also allowing them to practice their presentation skills.  There were some really interesting pieces of work and a broad spread of projects from, a centre for water recycling in Korea, to a local prison interior.  It was great to see that in most of the projects students had already employed some type of user centred method and which ranged from cultural probes to interviews and persona development. We are excited to see what the degree show looks like this year and are keeping our fingers crossed for the students and for some tickets!

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