Lovely Liverpool at Last

The Street

The Street

It seems like an age since we completed a project.  That is one of the problems with designing spaces and buildings, it is a long game. In other fields of design such as graphics there is a much faster turn around on projects and we are constantly envious of the sheer quantity of work our graphic colleagues can go through in one year.  However, when  you do complete a job, especially a large and complicated job all the hard work and waiting seems well worth while.  Back in February 2013 we tendered for and won a project at University of Liverpool,  our full commission was to consult with students and create the interior design and environmental graphics for  for their historic Guild of Students Building.  The project had to be completed for this summer so we had almost no time to consult with the students and generate designs. We completed the initial designs in record time and since then we have been working steadily and driving up and down to the Guilds Mount Pleasant home. Finally a fortnight ago it suddenly all seemed to come together at once and the Guild was ready for the students and staff to move back in last week.  So far, judging from the tweets and messages we have seen the students love it and that makes the whole process truly worthwhile.   We are currently arranging photography (which we usually always forget) and should have the full project on the website soon.  Till then here is a preview of one of the three major spaces we refurbished.  This is the street which is the main route through the space and all the guilds services and stalls will be located off or in this.   Thanks to all the students, staff and the fantastic Guild officers at University of Liverpool- we hope you love it as much as we do

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