The one that got away!


The other week when we published the article about Lovely Liverpool we had a wee moan about the length of time a building project can take.  The other problem with designing places and spaces is that inevitably you loose an element of your original design (which of course we consider vital) along the way due to physical or financial restrictions.  The consolation, everyone tells us, is that no-one knew it was there in the first place so they wont miss it.  But sadly sometimes all we can see are things that got lost along the way. Happily this did not happen in lovely Liverpool, well, except for one tiny wee part of the project and we just could not resist putting it up here.  This was the coffee shop design, which Nathan pretty much fully detailed and we all became a bit attached too.  Sadly for us, but very luckily for the client and the students of Liverpool the University decided to let the unit to a branded coffee giant. So here it is anyway. We were thinking that we might open an online gallery of interior/architectural ‘ones that got away’ so if you have any entries send them on and we will make this happen!

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