UWL my favorite study space

photo-comp-entreesWe have been a tad quiet over the last month or so on the blog as we have been putting a herculean effort into designing, running, analysing and drafting our initial research report for University of West London. We were appointed by the University just six weeks before the students finished for the summer so we had to mobilise fairly speedily.  Even within this time limit we managed to launch a blog site, mount polls, carry out a period of observational fieldwork and interview 95 students across two sites! Sadly due to time constraints and other restrictions we were not able to reach the heady heights of other projects such as Kings College London where our creative consultation project involved over 3,500 people.  However the quality of information that we got from students was incredibly high and this project had the added value of a photo competition.  Students were asked to photograph their favorite study space and explain why.  The prize was an ipad mini.  We got some fantastic entries and interestingly many of them shared a similar concept – nature & outdoor spaces as study locations.  This matched with a lot of the data we gathered from students in interviews so we were thrilled. We were most impressed though with the degree of effort people went to.  Many Thanks to all at UWL who helped out and everyone that entered.

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