The search for our new windows!


Sadly, once again bad people tried to burgle our studio the other week. They only damaged the glazing on one of our three large windows but we have been forced to replace this which means that after only a couple of years John Cleese and the Ministry of Silly Walks graphic must go. This is the saddest part as we have become a bit of a local landmark and we frequently have folk taking pictures of our windows. In the end though we are faced with two options,

a. Replace the silly walks graphic

b. Create a new eye-catching, equally splendid graphic display

We do like a bit of a change at Nomad so we are leaning towards option b.  The problem is that Silly Walks takes some beating so thought we would ask all our followers on twitter and the blog for ideas. We would love to hear your ideas for our windows (providing they are suitable) You can either leave your ideas as a comment on this story, tweet your ideas @nomadrdc or email them to but be quick as the graphics provide a degree of privacy and we are all feeling a bit exposed.


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