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GCU Study Club.

GCU Study Club.

We have had a busy start to the year and it now seems like Christmas is a bit of a distant memory.  We are currently working hard on three projects which are due for completion this summer,  Somerset House Experimental Learning Spaces for Kings College London, Heart of Campus (phase one) Caledonian University and  FutureUWLibrary for University of West London.

Somerset House Learning Spaces KCL

Somerset House Learning Spaces KCL

Regular followers of our blog and twitter will know that we have been working on each one of these for a while now, particularly the projects for KCL and GCU  We have also been working on our new company brochure which is very exciting but, as usual, taking far too long so we thought we would create a Nomad Newspaper which would help to give folk a sneak peek at our current projects as well as an update on our recently completed ones.

Group work 'Hedges' UWL

Group work ‘Hedges’ UWL

Some 300 Nomad Newspapers were printed and sent out to clients and contacts that we have worked with in the past along with a small selection of new contacts who have been in touch over the last 12 months or so.   This has been a rousing success and we have been asked for more copies so have created a handy e version here on ISSUU that we thought we would share.

In addition to our usual research and design work we have also been working with students once more.  At present we have the lovely Sara Jeffrey, an Interior & Spatial design student from Napier University working three days a week as part of an internship program and we have been surprised and delighted so far with how well she is settling in and meeting each new challenge. We were also very happy to be asked for a second year to take part in Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & design (djcad) annual round table event for fourth year students which took place on the 11th of February.  Val and Scott attended and were really excited by the quality and diversity of fourth years student’s projects and also by their use of innovative user centred methods and research techniques.

All three of the above projects are due for completion this summer so we have a busy six months ahead of us but we are looking forward to rewarding ourselves with a visit to some degree shows and maybe even a cheeky wee trip to Milan for the Expo!


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