Design Awards Season Looms

Drum Nomination


Our diary has been fairly busy lately and we have not had much time for blogging. However now that awards season is upon us we felt it was time to update things a little. The Guild project at University of Liverpool has been nominated for several awards including The FX Design Award, where we were also nominated for City of Glasgow College, The Drum Design Awards and The Scottish Design Awards where we have also been nominated for best item of self-promotion for our Christmas Card.  Sadly we did not win anything in the FX or Drum awards which is hardly surprising given the heavyweight competition we faced which included the Hunters Flag Ship Store on Regent Street and The Duke Street Emporium for Jigsaw in London. However we were pleased to be nominated and keeping our fingers crossed for the SDA’s. Our work has been getting consistent award nominations over the last few years so hopefully we are getting something right. The biggest issue we face in these award do’s is that we have a tendency to come up against projects which are vastly different to ours with far sexier budgets. Making a comparison is therefore a little like comparing the proverbial apple with pears and it made us wonder, just how do you measure design?

A few of our Nomads have experience in marking degree stage students work. This is relatively simple as although projects differ most students are working roughly within the same parameters and you can measure how well they constructed their brief, how well they resolved the project, the final result, their overall performance and roughly how they sit with their peers. However, when you have a public sector project with a restricted budget, multiple clients/user types and in depth user consultation requirements how do you measure this against high end retail or leisure where the budget is generous, the end user relatively well defined and the designer has greater freedom to develop ideas independently?   This is not sour grapes – really,  and is actually a rather topical question for us at present as we have been planning on compiling a book exploring what makes a good design for the last few months. It is inspired by the success of our hoarding at University of Glasgow where we asked hundreds of staff, students and alumni the question, ‘How will you change the world” The responses we got were fascinating, surprising, funny and even romantic and it occurred to us that carrying out the same exercise but with a slightly modified question, in this case, “What does good design mean to you?” could be both educational and inspirational.  Over the next few months we will be writing to a selection of clients and friends to ask them to take part.   Participants will be able to respond with text, a photo or a drawing and once we have finished gathering the material we will compile it into a book format.  We are really excited about this as it should generate a document full of useful insights and if we are lucky, perhaps even give us an opportunity to publish. If you have not received a request by the end of June and would like to take part contact us and let us know. In the meantime watch your inbox for the request form coming soon!


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