Degree Show Season Looms

Alison Rome - Sanctum

Alison Rome – Sanctum

Several months ago now we took part in a round table event at Duncan of Jordanson College of Art and Design for the second year in a row.  The round table is an event where fourth year degree students meet with practitioners to review their final projects while they are still in the early stages.

The course at DJCAD is a little different from other interior design courses as it is Interior and Environmental Design which means that there is usually a greater range of project type from the typical architectural interior right through to performances and installations. The range of work this year was really interesting and the group had a great energy.   We were particularly impressed by the group’s initiative in raising funds to take them to this years Free Range – they created a website with a donation area and marketed this via social media. We were so impressed that we felt we simply had to donate. The degree show now looms large (at the end of May) and we are starting to see snippets of some of the students work which seem quite exciting such as Alison Rome’s installation in the Hermitage in Dunkeld which examines the nature of spiritualism in modern life and Isobel Jones’ Car Park Theatre production which made it onto the STV news, As usual it is often difficult to get to degree shows – we might not make it on the night but will try to sneak round at a quieter time – in the meantime best of luck to all 4th years interior students including those at DJCAD, GSA, GCU, ECA and not forgetting Napier from which our lovely intern Sara Jeffreys will graduate from next year.

Isobel Jones Parking Performance

Isobel Jones Parking Performance

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