GCU Heart of Campus Update


IMG_2013Heart of Campus – George Moore Building

The first phase of the Heart of Campus project for Glasgow Caledonian University is almost complete.  Works are ongoing but the final components will be installed over the next few weeks.  In amongst the images above is a sneak-peek at the handmade Lace-Fence screens that will appear throughout the Restaurant and Study Club on the ground floor.  Also featured are the Study Club with its undulating ceiling and the ‘Visa Station’ located within ISSS on the first floor where the Campus Life Desk and Student Information Lounge are due to be completed imminently.


HW 1

Hamish Wood ground floor and Pavilion Gateway

With works almost complete in the George Moore building attention has turned to the second phase of the Heart of Campus project.  The Hamish Wood building is currently being remodelled and a new Pavilion will form a gateway for the campus.  The Pavilion will house our interpretation of a modern reception space – affectionately known simply as the ‘Squiggle’ the bespoke installation is made up from 222 timber fins that perform various tasks: café seating, reception desk, information points etc.

The main structure of the Pavilion is complete and we are looking forward to seeing the project develop over the next few months.




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