Nomad Gets Meta


Over the past ten years, Nomad has carried out many diverse and wide-ranging research projects into the types of spaces, places and people that make up educational institutions up and down the country. Although every educational establishment is unique, offering their subject specialism and expertise, their own identities, communities, and culture, we are aware that there are strong commonalities that exist between them. Uncovering these commonalities can help to show what are the most important themes that keep recurring from institution to institution.

As a design studio which places research at the heart of our process, we felt there was no better way of uncovering these themes than to carry out a research project into our research projects. (…how much more meta can you get?!) This meta-analysis will look at ten projects of our over the past six years to draw out the overarching themes which tie these projects together.

Through such a self-reflective process we hope to reveal design principles that will not only help to guide future projects but will inform and improve the range of services that we provide. We carried out a similar process back in 2011 which has proved valuable in providing solid evidence-based information as a foundation for our projects.  Now after a decade of research, we have amassed a wealth of information that provides a unique insight into the design of educational spaces.

It’s fascinating – if not a little nostalgic – to be going over our projects again and we look forward to sharing the outcome.

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