Nomad – Research Design Consultation (RDC) are a small design and research team living and working in Glasgow Scotland.  As the name suggests we travel where we are required and if we can’t travel we utilise the latest technology to communicate with our clients and their users.  We are passionate about research led design and specialise in the design of complex public spaces which attract a wide group of users.   People are at the heart of our philosophy and we work with our clients, their staff and the end user to solve problems and provide the very best possible spaces. As designers we have worked across a broad range of spaces including award winning designs for leisure, retail and education interiors, products and graphic designs, however, we have a particular interest in learning and education and have worked with some of the best Universities, Colleges and Schools over the last three years honing our knowledge and theory in this area.   Our team consists of talented experienced designers, teachers, scientists and engineers.   Our designers are professionals who retain their experimental spirit through our collaborative and multi-disciplinary process.   We are committed to learning more about design and we pride ourselves on delivering a quality product in addition to a enjoyable design experience.

This blog is a place for our team to express our ideas, comment on the world around us and engage with others.  We really enjoy hearing from design professionals and people who are interested in us (People who are not interested in us too!) and we would love you to leave comments when you can.

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