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Latest Research & Consultation

Since Spring this year we have been travelling back and forth to Germany where we have been working with a highly confidential client carrying out innovative consultation with their staff. Although, sadly we are unable to reveal much about the project we do have some photographs of some of our workshop materials that we wanted to share. This exciting project which examines the workplace setting of a major European institution is due to conclude in the Autumn of this year when all will be revealed.



The Green Heart of University of Birmingham


We are delighted to announce our most recent commission for the University of Birmingham Green Heart Project.  Our research team have been appointed to collaborate with Churchman Landscape Architects (whom we have also just collaborated with at Glasgow Caledonian University) The Green Heart project will create a striking new landscape in the historic Edgbaston campus of UoB. Our research will help tease out the various current and potential future uses for the space while uncovering information about the institutions identity and culture.   The project is due for a phased completion with the first phase completed for Summer 2017-keep an eye on our blog and website for updates.

Heriot-Watt's stunning Riccarton Campus

Heriot-Watt’s stunning Riccarton Campus

We are happy to announce that we have recently won a major tender to provide interior design and educational space consultancy services to Heriot-Watt University. The University has recently undergone a lengthy Space Utilisation survey and as a result have identified a number of refurbishment/new build projects

Our role will be to create the design intent for all of the Universities learning spaces through consultation with key stakeholders and to produce final schemes for three important new spaces, a Learning Commons, a Conference and Teaching space and a new Study Café.

We are still at early stages with the project but as usual timescales are demanding so we hope to finalise our consultation plans in the next week. We will be designing a bespoke people centred creative consultation plan for Heriot-Watt and hope to use some new methods along with our own people/place assessment tools.

Lovely Liverpool at Last

The Street

The Street

It seems like an age since we completed a project.  That is one of the problems with designing spaces and buildings, it is a long game. In other fields of design such as graphics there is a much faster turn around on projects and we are constantly envious of the sheer quantity of work our graphic colleagues can go through in one year.  However, when  you do complete a job, especially a large and complicated job all the hard work and waiting seems well worth while.  Back in February 2013 we tendered for and won a project at University of Liverpool,  our full commission was to consult with students and create the interior design and environmental graphics for  for their historic Guild of Students Building.  The project had to be completed for this summer so we had almost no time to consult with the students and generate designs. We completed the initial designs in record time and since then we have been working steadily and driving up and down to the Guilds Mount Pleasant home. Finally a fortnight ago it suddenly all seemed to come together at once and the Guild was ready for the students and staff to move back in last week.  So far, judging from the tweets and messages we have seen the students love it and that makes the whole process truly worthwhile.   We are currently arranging photography (which we usually always forget) and should have the full project on the website soon.  Till then here is a preview of one of the three major spaces we refurbished.  This is the street which is the main route through the space and all the guilds services and stalls will be located off or in this.   Thanks to all the students, staff and the fantastic Guild officers at University of Liverpool- we hope you love it as much as we do

UWL my favorite study space

photo-comp-entreesWe have been a tad quiet over the last month or so on the blog as we have been putting a herculean effort into designing, running, analysing and drafting our initial research report for University of West London. We were appointed by the University just six weeks before the students finished for the summer so we had to mobilise fairly speedily.  Even within this time limit we managed to launch a blog site, mount polls, carry out a period of observational fieldwork and interview 95 students across two sites! Sadly due to time constraints and other restrictions we were not able to reach the heady heights of other projects such as Kings College London where our creative consultation project involved over 3,500 people.  However the quality of information that we got from students was incredibly high and this project had the added value of a photo competition.  Students were asked to photograph their favorite study space and explain why.  The prize was an ipad mini.  We got some fantastic entries and interestingly many of them shared a similar concept – nature & outdoor spaces as study locations.  This matched with a lot of the data we gathered from students in interviews so we were thrilled. We were most impressed though with the degree of effort people went to.  Many Thanks to all at UWL who helped out and everyone that entered.

University of West London


UWL Future Campus Project 2014

We are delighted to be able to confirm that we have been commissioned as specialist consultants to University of West London’s Library.

The University is currently undertaking a major transformation of their St Mary’s Road Campus in Ealing. The project, titled Future Campus, is a mixture of new build projects alongside comprehensive refurbishments.  The Future Campus project is well underway and the Student Union, along and the London College of Music’s performance centre, was launched in Autumn 2013.

The Library lies at the heart of this new development and the University wanted to engage specialist design services to help them to create a modern, friendly and comfortable academic environment for students that is also flexible and adaptable to meet the ever-changing needs of the sector.

We were appointed at the end of March following a competitive tender and Val and Scott attended their first meeting with the team last week.  It’s an exciting project with a relatively short time frame so we are looking forward to getting started right away.

The project is due for completion in early 2015, so keep an eye on our blog for updates soon! Or if you would like to learn more about the project click here:

Searching for a Graphic Designer/Illustrator


We are currently hunting for a graphic designer/illustrator to join our growing communications team.   The successful candidate must have a BA(hons) or equivalent in Graphic Design, Communication Design or Illustration.  They must be highly creative, have excellent visualisation and technical skills and be interested in or have a passion for People Centred Design.  We are looking for someone who is passionate, intelligent, enthusiastic, loyal, down to earth and willing to travel.  Most of all we are looking for a designer who is seeking an opportunity in a company where they can learn and grow with the practice. The position is currently for a limited contract period but could grow into a permanent role in time.    If this sounds like you and you are interested, great! Send your CV along with examples of your work to our Creative Director at and hopefully you will hear from us soon.  The deadline for applications is the 31st April.

N.B. Unfortunately we will only be able to consider candidates who possess the above qualifications.