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Project Win! – The Catalyst

We are delighted to start 2018 with a new commision from Edge Hill University for the interior design of their new landmark building the Catalyst.  The Catalyst is a student hub combining students services with the University library and is a four-floor building at the heart of Edge Hill’s leafy and idyllic campus. Our team will be providing the full interior design along with bespoke sign and wayfinding solutions and identity work which will be created through a participatory design process with staff and students.  The project has an ambitious timescale as it is due for completion this summer so all hands are on deck for this one and after a year of intense creating consultation and conceptual work we are all very much looking forward to getting stuck into a live project.


Prototyping Workshop Outputs

More pictures from our German workplace project.

These pictures are from our prototyping workshop where models based upon participants ideas were presented and critiqued. This included models for innovative indoor products such as phone booths, individual workspace ‘cubics’, ‘hangouts’ and shelters along with outdoor pavilions and street furniture. The baubles are conceptual representations of participants landscaping ideas for different buildings in Frankfurt and are fragranced to represent a custom ‘scent-scapes’ for each place described in participants specifications.

The workshops developed for this project are entirely bespoke and have gradually built upon each other to reach this prototyping stage. The project has pushed our team to create some of our most innovative, fun and effective workshop activities to date and has resulted in an unexpected number of solid concepts ranging from simple communication suggestions through to architectural interventions.

The prototype models were received with great enthusiasm by all, and we are now looking forward to seeing some of these ideas come to life over the next 12 months or so.

Latest Research & Consultation

Since Spring this year we have been travelling back and forth to Germany where we have been working with a highly confidential client carrying out innovative consultation with their staff. Although, sadly we are unable to reveal much about the project we do have some photographs of some of our workshop materials that we wanted to share. This exciting project which examines the workplace setting of a major European institution is due to conclude in the Autumn of this year when all will be revealed.


Project win: Nomad in Europe


We are very excited to be working with a major commercial institution in Europe where we have been commissioned to design and run a bespoke consultation project with their staff aimed at generating a number of creative workplace solutions.  The institution, whom we are not permitted to name for security reasons, has three properties in Frankfurt where they have recently completed a Leesman Survey to assess their workplaces.  We will be exploring the issues flagged up in the survey with the staff with a view to creating a strategic range of recommendations and solutions.  The first stage of consultation is due to commence in early April, and our entire team will be involved with the project at different stages.

University challenge: transforming your academic library- SCURL Aberdeen

SCURL Aberdeen 1

It has been a few weeks now but we have finally got round to writing up our speaking event at the SCURL conference at University of Aberdeen.   Our client Wendy Pirie, Head of Academic and Learner Services at Heriot-Watt University  asked us to join her to speak about the work we are doing for the University consulting about, designing and strategising  new learning environments across campus.  The conference took place in the University’s relatively new and very famous Duncan Rice Library building created by Danish designers, Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects.  Wendy had previously been the University librarian and played a key role in the creation of this wonderful building.  As a result she had loads of great and detailed advice to give under our topic, ‘Redesigning spaces for students’ learning requirements’.  There were a number of interesting presentations including, Elaine Muir of University of West of Scotland on their award winning Ayr Campus and ‘Break-up or Love Letters to your Library’ by Alison Stevenson, Head of Learning Resources at Glasgow School of Art.  This was very interesting for us as it is quite similar to a creative writing task we set workshop participants to write either a birth announcement or an obituary for their new or old spaces. However – the building stole the show – or to be more accurate the fabulous views from the building to the North sea stole the show for us.   If you can get there pay a visit.  It is well worth the effort.


SCURL Aberdeen 2



The White Koan by Liliane Lijn outside the Warwick Arts Centre

The White Koan by Liliane Lijn outside the Warwick Arts Centre

We are very excited to be working with University of Warwick on a really intriguing new project.  The project titled ‘if’ is a research and consultation led project aimed at scoping out the potential for a new building to house the Humanities Department, and the feelings and ideas of those who would study and work there.   This is an exploratory project as funding for a new build has yet to be established so it is an exciting stage for us to be involved at.  We will be using social media along with field activities and perhaps even one or two workshops to uncover the information we need.  The project is due to launch in October so keep an eye on the blog/twitter stream for updates.

Heart of Campus Restaurant is here!

Heart of Campus Restaurant

Heart of Campus Restaurant

It has been a labour of love and has taken two years so far but we are finally starting to see the Heart of Campus emerge at Glasgow Caledonian University.   The 400+ seat restaurant opened this week and we have had fantastic feedback from students and staff so far.  There are still a number of exciting additions including lace mesh screens and some rather fabulous furniture but it is coming along nicely.  There is still a long way to go with the study club opening in October, the new Student Service Mall opening at Christmas our work in the new Pavilion building and in the Hamish Wood set for completion in Spring next year- However we will be taking full advantage of our time on campus and will most definitely be popping in for lunch as soon as we can.  In addition to the more tradition servery offering there will be stalls selling street food and we know that they have been experimenting and testing recipes all summer so should be great! We will post more updates on the Heart of Campus as they happen over the next few weeks/months