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Happy Holidays Love Nomad

Our team and this year’s clients captured in our own little Christmas Bauble.  Based on our Biophilia Landscape Bubbles created as part of our WorkSpirit Creative Workshops for the European Central Bank 2017.


Please Note.  The studio will be closed over the Festive Season re-opening on the 4th of January 2018.





The month of May and the sun is here, and every year we try to alert clients who want to undertake a consultation or research project in the new academic years starting in September that now is the optimum time to make a start. The best time to launch a creative consultation project is in the first term, not immediately as people are still finding their feet but approximately one month in when everyone is full of enthusiasm and not yet distracted by Christmas!

It may seem strange as students will be thinking of exams and holidays, as will many staff but the summer months are the ideal time to undertake the detailed planning that a really good consultation project needs and will leave the academic year clear for consultation events and activity. Although each project is different, our approach usually involves several methods from pop-up stalls where our researchers carry out soft interviews and mapping events to creative workshops and experience sampling, and each takes time to design and strategise. On average a well-run project takes between 2-3 months to plan in detail and launch. Of course, this is not to say that it can’t be done a little closer to term or at other times of the academic year, but we usually advise everyone to try to take advantage of the summer weeks ahead.

If you are planning a creative consultation project in the new term, we would love to hear about it in the comments. Alternatively, if you are considering a project in the new academic year and need any advice or recommendations just let us know at

Project win: Nomad in Europe


We are very excited to be working with a major commercial institution in Europe where we have been commissioned to design and run a bespoke consultation project with their staff aimed at generating a number of creative workplace solutions.  The institution, whom we are not permitted to name for security reasons, has three properties in Frankfurt where they have recently completed a Leesman Survey to assess their workplaces.  We will be exploring the issues flagged up in the survey with the staff with a view to creating a strategic range of recommendations and solutions.  The first stage of consultation is due to commence in early April, and our entire team will be involved with the project at different stages.

Project win: Gallaudet

Gallaudet University

We are incredibly proud and very excited to announce that we are part of architectural practice Hall McKnight’s winning team for the Gallaudet University International Design Competition. Gallaudet University, founded in 1864, is the world’s only liberal arts university where all classes and services are designed to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing students.  Hall McKnight’s winning design, described by the jury as ‘accomplished, eloquent and poetic’, is the focal point of a ten year and $450 million regeneration project at the heart of Washington, Dc.

The project seeks to build a new central landmark building and dynamic new public space on campus linking the university campus with the rest of the city, bridging the gap between the hearing and deaf worlds. It is a highly exciting project to involved in and our first across the pond.

Our role within the project will be to work with the students and staff of Gallaudet to enrich the brief by uncovering their needs and desires for their university spaces and places, making sure that the project is in line with their vision and values, now and into the future.

Keep an eye out for more information as the project progresses.

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Pumpkin Carving Comp

cwgc_5uwgaawmpoIt’s been a tense atmosphere in the office over the last 24 hours as we have awaited the final votes in our annual Pumpkin competition. The votes have now been counted and verified and we can announce, hot off the press, that Scott was a convincing winner with his Day of the Dead inspired Pumpkin. Not even the dreaded Trumpkin came close, which we hope is a good omen for next week. Congratulations Scott!

Where’s Nomad?

This week due to a large but pleasant quantity of work all of our team are on site with different projects, and the studio is closed until Friday 28th October.  We are all still answering mobile calls and emails so do please still get in touch. If you don’t have a mobile number or email for one of our team, get in touch with us at


Nomad Team.

Work Experience Placement


Last week Mhairi Goldsbrough joined us for a week-long work experience placement from Gryffe High School in Houston. Mhairi was asked to respond to a brief where she was required to produce concept sheets and sketches for a student-focused Study Club and Café. We think Mhairi did a great job and we’re currently munching our way through the giant box of sweets she kindly left us. Thank you Mhairi!