What students leave behind

Amusing article from the article showing the bizarre things student leave when the quit halls of residence.  We were sad about the budgies and the giant rabbit.




We carried out a couple of mock interviews for GSA graduates today. Their work is exciting and of a very high standard. We would say that of course, having had the privilege of teaching there again this year. Sadly we are not taking anyone on at the moment but we would love to have a graduate in the studio again (last summer we had two people in and the energy was great) We could certainly be persuaded if we get any more projects in.


Our studio is based in an old shop unit on the South Side of Glasgow.  As we have rather large and splendid windows we normally display pieces of work such as models. Recently we have become a little bored of the same old architectural card models and have challenged each other to create a swing a week.

Scott's swing 1 Scott swing 2

This weeks swing is courtesy of Scott who brought in one of his conceptual art school models.

INULS Conference

Nomad traveled to Limerick this week to speak at the INULS conference. Our presentation focused on the evolution of our work from pre – Nomad days including work for Glasgow City Council and the Saltire Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University right up to current work for clients such as University of Bristol.
Other speakers included Christine Sexton from University of Sheffield who presented on the Information Commons which was opened a year after the Saltire and incorporated many similar concepts. Professor Sarah Moore also gave a fascinating presentation on her work on learning. We spent the rest of the day exploring the very green, very leafy campus and had great fun skipping across the magnificent Wilkinson Eyre bridge. Our thanks to Gobnait who looked after us and to Costa the night manager in the hotel who upgraded us to executive suites and helped Val get back into her room when she inevitably locked herself out.

London Rocks

We have been traveling back and forth to London over the past few weeks talking to new clients Regent’s College and a few others and we found time to go on our annual pilgrimage to the design museum.  The best designs of 2009 were on show, this seemed a little premature and the exhibits were few, the content was certainly not as rich as the 08 exhibition. Perhaps this is a recession thing?  Of those that were present we enjoyed two lifesaving medical concepts, the greyhound recycling respiratory system and the renal lamb(below left)

sheep trafalgar-sq-415x511

On the first floor ‘Super Contemporary’ an exhibition about London design was more intriguing.  At first, in true Scots fashion, we were a little annoyed by this self congratulatory ‘London rocks’ kind of attitude but we persevered and  found the contents engaging, educational and entertaining.  Although we were actually most impressed with the exhibition design itself we were also impressed by works such as Urban Salon’s vision for Trafalgar Square.(above right)

Random Nomad Data

Some random facts about us to kick off our blog along with some images of our studio.

Years trading – 3, Nomads – 5-7, Air miles traveled in 2008 – 22,535.6, Flights in 2008 – 148, Emails sent in 2008 – 4446, Cups of Coffee Drunk – 14,683.

Nomadshop Nomad

Panta Rhei school

We love Dezeen.  We have almost got rid of all of our magazines in favour of this online source which tends to feature projects months in advance of the standard design mags. Our favorite project this month is the Panta Rhei School in the Netherlands by interior architects i29.  The designers commissioned poetry and used this as a design device.  Were not sure how people centered this is but it is certainly very beautiful. http://tiny.cc/L78bw